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Mr Adam Stevens

Mr Adam Stevens

Research Student

The Open University Faculty of Science Department of Physical Sciences

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I am a research student in the Planetary and Space Sciences discipline of the Department of Physical Sciences at the Open University.

My research regards the recent detections of methane on Mars and the different ways that this methane could have been produced, focussing on the possibility of methane hydrate clathrates acting as a buffer from older and deeper deposits.

I am also part of the team developing the UVIS instrument, part of the NOMAD package for the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. This involves various testing schemes and the construction of pre-flight prototypes. 

Coming to my PhD from a career in teaching, I retain my interest in education and pedagogy and hope to apply my skills and experience within the planetary science and higher education sector. I currently undertake some outreach for the OU but am also a nationally registered STEM Ambassador.


MSc Space Technology and Planetary Exploration, University of Surrey

PGDE, University of Edinburgh

BSc (Hons) Physics, University of Edinburgh

Research Interests

Mars surface, atmospheric, subsurface etc...


Methane Clathrates

Planetary Science

Space Technology


Conference Item
Stevens, Adam ; Patel, Manish ; Lewis, Stephen ; Leese, Mark and Ringrose, Tim (2014). The effects of subsurface transport on the isotopic signatures of methane release on Mars. In: EPSC 2014, 7-12 September 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.
Stevens, A. H. ; Patel, M. R. ; Lewis, S. R. ; Ringrose, T. J. and Leese, M. R. (2013). Trace gas transport in the subsurface of Mars. In: EPSC 2013, 08 – 13 September 2013, UCL, London.
Stevens, Adam ; Patel, Manish ; Lewis, Stephen ; Ringrose, Tim and Leese, Mark (2013). Atmospheric signatures of subsurface martian life. In: 5th UK Astrobiology Society of Britain Conference, 17-19 April 2013, UK Centre for Astrobiology, Edinburgh.
Stevens, A. H. ; Patel, M. R. ; Ringrose, T. J. ; Lewis, S. R. and Leese, M. R. (2013). Trace gas transport in the martian subsurface. In: UK Planetary Forum Early Career Scientists Meeting, 18 Jan 2013, Natural History Museum, UK.
Stevens, A. H. ; Patel, M. R. ; Ringrose, T. J. ; Lewis, S. R. and Leese, M. R. (2012). The Martian methane cycle. In: Nordic-Hawai'i Astrobiology Summer School: "Water, Ice and the Origin of Life in the Universe", 2-15 July 2012, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Stevens, Adam and Patel, Manish (2012). OU environmental simulation facilities. In: 9th UK Planetary Forum Early Career Scientists Meeting, 20 Jan 2012, Milton Keynes.
Journal Article
Stevens, Adam H. ; Amador, Elena S.; Cable, Morgan L.; Chaudry, Nosheen; Cullen, Thomas; Gentry, Diana; Murusekan, Gayathri; Schwieterman, Edward W.; Stockton, Amanda M.; Yin, Chang; Cullen, David C. and Geppert, Wolf (2015). Synchronous in-field application of life-detection techniques in Icelandic Mars analogue sites. Planetary And Space Science (In press).

Other Interests

Scuba Diving



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